Employee Opinions

Daichi Muto (joined in 2010)

I’m currently part of the Technology & Development Division, and I’m involved in commissioning models for 2- and 4-wheel vehicles. I’m mainly in charge of process settings for pressing, welding, surface treatment, etc., of new models, so I put all my effort into making sure processes are high quality, high efficiency, and low cost. Right after I joined the company, I spent a year outside Kumamoto Prefecture, then joined this division in my second year.
Naturally, because I was new to the company, everything was new to me, so I didn’t know how to move forward and I remember it as a really difficult time.
If I make one mistake in a setting for a process, it can have a great effect on product quality and cost, so I’ve got that weight on my shoulders every day at work.
Although I’ve got a lot of responsibility, it makes me really happy when a model I was in charge of makes it to mass production, and I’m proud that I worked so hard to get it there. Also, all of my coworkers and bosses are really nice and interesting people. As part of the party-loving Technology & Development Section, I’m happy to be involved in such fun and fulfilling work.