Technology & Development Department/Equipment & Mold Creation Department

R&D – Designs of dreams, designs of the future

Utilizing the technologies we’ve developed and our young energy, we focus our passions on developing new technologies and products, and producing molds and equipment. Our aim is to accomplish our dreams and expand globally, while also being kind to the environment and contributing to society.

Our Equipment

Main Production Equipment

Nickel/chromium plating line(processing capacity: 320,000dm2/month)1
Electrostatic coating line(processing capacity: 5,470,000dm2/month)1
Cathodic electrodeposition line (processing capacity: 1,705,340dm2/month, 85,267dm2/day)1
1,200t hydraulic press1
800t transfer press1
600t transfer press1
60-type 1D type CNC bender machine1
Rotay Swagin Machine1
Muffler Welding line for Fun type1
Frame Welding line3
Sunroof Welding line1
Welding robots28
MIG welders13
TIG welders13
SPOT welders8
Seam welders2
Hollow Dual Pipe manufacturing Line1
CO2 laser cutting machine2
Hole foil press line for catalyzer1
Flexible automatic pipe processing line1

Main Development Equipment

Metal honeycomb (substrate) production equipment2
Vacuum heat-treatment furnace for metal honeycomb (substrate)1
Heat cycle vibration resistance test machine1
Geomagic Design X(Reverse engineering soft)1
3D measuring device2
3D contactless Measuring Machine1
Chassis dynamos2
Potable sound level meter2
Acoustic analysis equipment1
Flow tester1
Simple soundproof room1
Scaling tube machine1
Multangular roll machine1
Straight TIG welding machine(Titanium/Aluminum)1
Universal TIG welding6
Laser engraving1
Acceleration/strain measurement1
Machining center3
Wire cutting machine2
80-type 1D bender machine1
Laser welding machine1

Cogeneration System

Cogeneration systems (rated power output: 720kw)2

Production Department

Our products come from a variety of presses, including a 1200-ton hydraulic press, 800-ton transfer press, and a 600-ton transfer press. We make a variety of reliable products, both thick and thin, for use in 4- and 2-wheel vehicles and for general use.

Thanks to our meaningful ideas and know-how regarding welding robots, computers, MIG/TIG, spot welding, etc., this line can produce products that are high efficiency and high quality, in a variety of models and in small numbers.

Electrostatic coating
The overhead conveyor connecting the preprocessing line with the coating process uses a power and free-style direction branching system. In the coating process, by using a floor-wide pin conveyor and welding robots with metallic-base paint electrostatic bell spray coaters, the line offers both high efficiency and high quality. By being able to coat iron, aluminum, and other materials with heat-proof, acrylic, and melamine general coatings, we can meet a wide range of customer needs. We also use eco-friendly coatings (as per EU regulations) as a means of taking care of the environment.

Nickel/chrome plating
Our automatic line is set up for efficiency, meaning a processing output of 300,000m2 per month (2 in parallel), which allows us to answer needs for a variety of parts under highly reliable management with a focus on quality assurance as the final step in the entire process.

Cation coating
This state-of-the-art electrodeposition coating system in a revolutionary line structure allows for lower costs and fewer resources. Using cation electrodeposition coating for 4-wheel vehicle suspension parts results in the best in corrosion protection. We also use eco-friendly coating (EU regulations) as a means of taking care of the environment.

Production Management Division

Our “Just In Time” System

Goshi evolves its proprietary production management system so that it can flexibly meet the needs of its customers around the world. We continue to streamline and economize manpower to achieve maximum efficiency and lower costs.

Quality Control Department

A Group of Impartial Experts

The experts at Goshi have unmistakable technical capabilities and excellent quality control. We provide the best quality recognition control to provide our customers with products made by our quality-focused employees.

Sales Department

Making Efforts in a Variety of Fields

For us to meet the needs of our customers, Goshi keeps its eyes on Kyushu and the world, and uses its proprietary technologies and superior quality to expand its reach into many various fields.