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Goshi Giken group contribute to all Customers and society with new Creative idea and monozukuri for The future, free from preconceived concept.

Yukimitsu Shiga

Yukimitsu Shiga, President & Representative Director

Globally Minded, Trustworthy Products

Goshi Giken makes its products according to a completely integrated system that starts with design and includes everything from manufacture to assembly. In addition to our high-quality/high-performance products, we emphasize good design and style, continue to push the limits of advanced technology, and try to meet the needs of our customers by producing resource-conserving, low-pollution products. Goshi Giken makes high quality products that unlock new possibilities.

Corporate Philosophy

Basic Principle

Human Respect
Customer First

Company Policy

To meet the needs of our customers by producing excellent, modern products.

Basic Policy

  1. To create a workplace that respects people and is a happy place to work
  2. To strive to be an active business that is youthful and has ambition
  3. To value time and theory, and pursue unique technologies
  4. To pursue quality and value through constant ingenuity
  5. To contribute to society through the actions of the company

Our Code of Conduct


Based on our corporate philosophy, Goshi has continued to produce excellent, modern products that meet the needs of our customers, while also building trust with our customers and the community. In order to expand globally and for each department to grow autonomously with their business, we need our employees to act even more independent than ever before. Our Code of Conduct is a summary of how we work hard every day.

By making sure everyone understands and shares our Code of Conduct, we can be sure of gaining the trust of our customers and society. In order to become a company that people can rely on, every one of us follows these rules.

1. Compliance

Because Goshi is a highly law-abiding company, we, as members of society, faithfully comply with the law.

2. Road Safety

Because Goshi is a company that emphasizes safe driving, we follow the rules of the road and make efforts to drive safely.

3. Protecting the Environment

Because Goshi is a company that is actively involved in environmental protection, we actively work to protect the environment.

4. Contributing to Society

Because Goshi is a corporate citizen with roots in the local community and society, we, as members of society, actively contribute to society.

5. Managing Information

Because Goshi properly manages information from our customers and connections, we pay careful attention to how confidential information is handled.

6. Safety and Health

In order for everyone at Goshi to be safe and comfortable, we strive to create a safe and healthy environment.

7. Discrimination

Because Goshi is a non-discriminatory, fair company, we actively accept the individualities and differences of the people of the world, and behave under the idea that everyone is equal.

8. Protecting Privacy

Because Goshi is a company that respects the privacy of individuals, we try our best to protect privacy.

9. Business Interactions

In order for Goshi to maintain healthy and fair relationships with clients, we do business in a healthy and fair way.

10. Relationship with Government

In order for Goshi to maintain a healthy relationship with the government as an independent company, we interact in a healthy manner with the government.

11. Communication

Because Goshi is a very transparent company, we value communication with society.

Long-term strategy

VISION 2030 (2020.04.01)

Push the Envelope, Seek Infinite Possibilities,
and Contribute to Society by Manufacturing.

Passion in our vision (the ideal company and organization we are seeking)

Push the envelope
  • We will not cling to our achievements experience but surmount obstacles with new ideas!
  • We can’t be like everyone else! Challenge conventional wisdom!
  • We can’t win as we are. We must go back to the drawing board with open minds and fresh ideas.
Seek infinite possibilities
  • We will never give up even if we fail. We will pursue our dream and never stop moving forward.
  • Keep on challenging ourselves to reach high goals. Never limit ourselves.
  • Uncertain circumstances are exactly when you should take on a challenge. Don’t fear risk!
Contribute to society by manufacturing
  • 1.We want to delight people and ourselves through our manufacturing.
  • We will contribute to the environment, safety, quality, and cost by improving the“artisanal mind” and technologies that we have inherited.

Company Overview

FoundedNovember 1974
Headquarters1280, Toyooka, Koshi-shi, Kumamoto, 861-1115, Japan
TEL: +81-96-248-2431 FAX: +81-96-248-3931
Capital500 million yen
Main ShareholdersHonda Motor Co., Ltd. 95.0%
Sankei Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd. 5.0%
AreaLand 47,015㎡
Building 33,925㎡
(Group Employees)
Goshi Giken: 539
Entire Group: 4,196
(as of end of March 2024)
Main Delivery DestinationsHondo Motor Co., Ltd.
Production Facilities in Kumamoto, Suzuka, Customer Service
Honda R&D Co., Ltd.
R&D Centers
Honda Racing Co., Ltd.
Yachiyo Industry Co., Ltd.
Suzuki Motor Corporation
Aisin Kyushu Co., Ltd.
Aisin Shiroki Corporation
Yorozu Corporation
Johnan Manufacturing Inc.
Topre Corporation
Plamac Co., Ltd.
Pacific Industrial Co., Ltd.
Technol Eight Co., Ltd.
Kyushu F.tech Inc.
D-ACT Co.,Ltd.
H-One Co., Ltd.
Goal Co., Ltd.
Main Banking InstitutionsMUFG Bank, Ltd.
The Higo Bank, Ltd.
Nippon Life Insurance Company
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
The Kumamoto Bank, Ltd.
Domestic SubsidiariesUemura Tec Corporation
Overseas SubsidiariesSiam Goshi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Goshi-Thanglong Auto-Parts Co., Ltd. (Vietnam)
Goshi India Auto Parts Private Ltd. (India)
Goshi Philippines, Inc. (Philippines)

Consolidated Sales


Nov 1974Founded as a joint venture between Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Yachiyo Industry Co., Ltd., and Sankei Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd. with ¥300 million in capital
April 1976Sheet metal press, welding, and electrostatic coating line introduced, work started
October 1976Capital increased to ¥500 million
1984Nickel/chrome plating line introduced
1991Uemura Tec Corporation founded
1992Shisui Tec Co., Ltd. founded
1993Siam Goshi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Thailand) founded
1995Tokyo Office opened
1997Goshi-Thanglong Auto-Parts Co., Ltd. (Vietnam) founded
Koshi Tec Co., Ltd. founded
1998Zinc plating line introduced
1999Obtained ISO14001 certification
2002Cathodic electrodeposition line introduced
Vacuum pressure resin molding line introduced
Stampable resin molding line introduced
2003Cogeneration system introduced
2004Metal honeycomb production line for catalyst introduced
2007Goshi India Auto Parts Private Ltd. (India) founded
Goshi Tec Co., Ltd. (merger of Koshi Tech and Shisui Tec)
2009Work started at new coating factory
Started coating of aluminum parts (engine)
2011Goshi’s 35th Anniversary
2012Special liquidation of Goshi Tec Co., Ltd.
2014Obtained ISO9001 certification
2016Goshi Tec Co., Ltd. founded
Transferred Philippine subsidiary from MSD Co., Ltd., renamed to Goshi Philippines, Inc. (Philippines)
2020GOSHI absorbed and merged Goshi Tec Co., Ltd. of subsidiary.

Financial Statements

*Please pay attention to the line traffic.*

*Please pay attention to the line traffic.*


President & Representative DirectorYukimitsu Shiga
Managing DirectorRyuichi Nishimura
Managing DirectorShin Koiwa
Managing DirectorHiroyuki Yamaguma
AuditorSuguru Takemori
Operating OfficerYutaka Uchida
Operating OfficerKenji Watanabe
Operating OfficerTakayuki Katsuki
Operating OfficerHisao Furusho
Operating OfficerHirotada Mine