Employment of new graduates

Thank you very much for your interest in recruiting activities of Goshi Giken Co., Ltd.
The first round of employment screening for students expected to graduate in March 2017 is over.
The second round of employment screening is over.
Contact the recruitment representative regarding the third round of screening.
General Affairs Block Representative: saiyou@go.goshi.co.jp
*For students expecting to graduate in March 2018, we will add further information here at a later date.

Mid-career recruiting

Please contact your recruitment representative.
General Affairs Block Representative:saiyou@go.goshi.co.jp

Employee Opinions

* About the affiliation, it is as of the time of the interview.


Goshi’s original education and training employs an in-house committee system in which employees take leading roles. Developing able engineers is a must, and the fruits of the manufacturing know-how that get passed along are very well regarded both domestically and overseas.

  • Press Breakout session

    Explained at the actual press site.

  • Press Breakout session 2
  • Welding Breakout session

    Actually experience welding work.

  • Painting Breakout session

  • Plating Breakout session

    Complex production line configurations are easy to understand in classroom lectures.

  • Equipment maintenance Breakout session

  • Quality Breakout session

    Learn the main equipment in the factory and inspection methods for safe use.

  • Accounting study group

    Explains in detail how to view BS and PL. Learn the business situation of the company.

  • KT-method

    Learn the right process from problem solving to decision making.

Yearly Activities


January New Year’s Ceremony
2018 4th Entrance ceremony
Development record video【GOSHI Development Diary】release(https://youtu.be/fzcn97nw0qw
2nd TV commercial ,making of video release(https://youtu.be/aSC25Ob1MI8
Ekiden Tournament (HONDA Ryokuyokai)
February Human rights learning
High school students in the prefecture visit the company
March Exhibit at “Tokyo Motorcycle Show”
“Kyushu Motocross Championship” 1st round entry
April 2019 1st Entrance ceremony
New qualification ceremony
45th anniversary tree planting ceremony
Enjoy Honda 2019
Co-sponsored and participated in “Koshi City Country park” relay marathon
“All-Japan Motocross Championship” 1st round entry
“Let’s Ren Endurance Kyushu Road Race Championship” 2nd round entry
May 2019 2nd Entrance ceremony
“All-Japan Motocross Championship” 2nd round entry
Development record video『 Road of SUZUKA 8 hours 』release(https://youtu.be/y2BDoWGtxwM
SGM 2018 Award Winner
43rd QC Circle in-house presentation
Canoe representative from Japan 高久瞳選手(Hitomi Takahisa) lecture
June “All-Japan Motocross Championship” 3rs round entry
Co-sponsored and participated in “ethical sport『22st RIVER RAID』”
New qualification ceremony
The 46th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
In-house blood donation activities
Honda Beach Cleanup Activity in Tamana
1st clean operation around Futsuhara Industrial Park
2019 1st in-house manufacturing presentation competition
July “All-Japan Motocross Championship” 4th round entry
“Suzuka Sunday Road Race” 3rd round entry
Suzuka 4hours Road race
August 2019 3rd Entrance ceremony
Participated in NH Circle Kumamoto joint presentation
45th anniversary ceremony
September “All-Japan Motocross Championship” 6th round entry
Canoe Freestyle representative from Japan 高久瞳選手(Hitomi Takaku’s) gold medal report
GOSHI Autumn festival
“Suzuka Sunday Road Race” 4th round entry
October “All-Japan Road race Championship” 7th round entry
“All-Japan Motocross Championship” 7th round entry
2nd clean operation around Futsuhara Industrial Park
Exhibition at Monozukuri Fair 2019
MotoGP™ Japan Grand Prix support tour
Development record video『 Road of SUZUKA 8 hours 』release(https://youtu.be/uMkw1-77HXI
Participation in walking tournament in Koshi City
“All-Japan Motocross Championship” 8th round entry
November “All-Japan Road race Championship” 8th round entry
Co-sponsored and participated in Let’s rental bike endurance
participated in “Kumarinkai” sponsored futsal tournament
Ezu Lake Cleaning Volunteer
December participated in “Suzuka Sunday Road Race” NGK cup
In-house blood donation activities
Development record video『 Road of SUZUKA 8 hours 』release(https://youtu.be/92Y9WSCGU6M

Yearly Activities Before