Employment of new graduates

Thank you very much for your interest in recruiting activities of Goshi Giken Co., Ltd.
The first round of employment screening for students expected to graduate in March 2017 is over.
The second round of employment screening is over.
Contact the recruitment representative regarding the third round of screening.
General Affairs Block Representative: saiyou@go.goshi.co.jp
*For students expecting to graduate in March 2018, we will add further information here at a later date.

Mid-career recruiting

Please contact your recruitment representative.
General Affairs Block Representative:saiyou@go.goshi.co.jp

Employee Opinions

Tomohiro Inoue(joined in 2005)Welding Subsection, Factory Section 1

I belong to the Welding Subsection of Factory Section 1, and I’m in charge of commissioning new models and minimizing defects during production to provide stable quality in welded sections of motorcycle mufflers and frames. Welding may seem simple, but there are actually many different methods, and each differs considerably depending on metal thickness and material.
Recently, we’ve been getting requests for advanced techniques, such as thin-plate and titanium welding, so I’ve been studying constantly to build a good set of welding techniques so we don’t lose out to other companies.
There’s a lot of trial and error in order to make good looking welds that meet welding criteria with few corrections, and while a lot of things may not turn out as expected, but it makes me feel really good about my work when I see something we’ve made installed on an actual motorcycle.
I still have a lot to work on, but I’m doing my best every day to make sure that Goshi mufflers become famous around the world.

Daichi Muto (joined in 2010)Technology & Development Division

I’m currently part of the Technology & Development Division, and I’m involved in commissioning models for 2- and 4-wheel vehicles. I’m mainly in charge of process settings for pressing, welding, surface treatment, etc., of new models, so I put all my effort into making sure processes are high quality, high efficiency, and low cost. Right after I joined the company, I spent a year outside Kumamoto Prefecture, then joined this division in my second year.
Naturally, because I was new to the company, everything was new to me, so I didn’t know how to move forward and I remember it as a really difficult time.
If I make one mistake in a setting for a process, it can have a great effect on product quality and cost, so I’ve got that weight on my shoulders every day at work.
Although I’ve got a lot of responsibility, it makes me really happy when a model I was in charge of makes it to mass production, and I’m proud that I worked so hard to get it there. Also, all of my coworkers and bosses are really nice and interesting people. As part of the party-loving Technology & Development Section, I’m happy to be involved in such fun and fulfilling work.

Mika Nishino (joined in 2002)Miho Sonoda (joined in 1996)
Accounting Block,Management Division

We belong to the Accounting Block of the Management Division and oversee financial accounting. Our work seems rather serious and tedious, like data input, managing accounts payable and receivable, and funds management, but it’s a really happy workplace with an enjoyable atmosphere. Because we’re a section that handles money, we need people both inside and outside the company to know that we are trustworthy, so that’s something we work on daily.
It is also a very women-friendly company where employees can continue to work after getting married or having a baby. I was able to take a year of maternity leave and come back to my original job.
I sometimes need to take off for school events or if a kid gets sick, but the company has a policy of using 100% of vacation time, so I’m able to take advantage of my paid days off.
Thanks to the help of everyone around me, I’m able to balance both my work and being a mother. There are many employees at Goshi Giken with children, and I feel that it is a very understanding company regarding childcare.

Goshi Giken Education System


Goshi’s original education and training employs an in-house committee system in which employees take leading roles. Developing able engineers is a must, and the fruits of the manufacturing know-how that get passed along are very well regarded both domestically and overseas.

Yearly Activities



Ekiden Tournament (KSS Ryokuyokai)


Company Mini Volleyball Tournament


Participation in the Kuma Monkey Parade


2015 New Accreditation Ceremony


39th Goshi GrQC Circle Presentations


Position Accreditation
Project Clean
2015 1st Monozukuri In-house Presentations
18th Yurinkai Mini Volleyball Tournament


Shiohitashi River Cleanup


NH Circle Presentations
Company Friendly Softball Tournament
Summer Festival


KSS Track 2 Joint Touring
Koshi City Business Joint Council Mini Volleyball Tournament


Project Clean


Anniversary Ceremony
NYC World Conference


2015 2nd Monozukuri In-house Presentations